Sealant/Caulk (Silicone & Latex)

To block water from falling behind the fixtures in tile or porcelain, you use caulk. To successfully remove the silicone sealant from the carpet you must tend to it immediately after it has been spilled. You want to try and avoid it getting dry because once it has been dried, the silicone sealant cannot be removed without damage to your carpet. Be sure to test the solutions used in an inconspicuous area to avoid any damage to your carpet.

If you are not comfortable with removing the caulk on your own, you can always contact a professional for advice.

Carpet Cleaning

Get Sealant and Caulk Stains Out Of Your Carpet

If you get to the silicone immediately after it has gotten in your carpet, follow these few easy steps.

Begin by scraping away any excess contamination. Then, apply a solvent to the affected area. Next, to emulsify the silicone, you must gently rub the solvent into the carpet fibers. Lastly, you need to use hot water extraction to rinse your carpet.

If the silicone has been in your carpet for a while:

To remove sealant and caulk stains from your carpet, begin by trying to loosen the caulk’s grip on the carpet by spraying it with WD-40.

Once you have sprayed it, allow it to sit for about 15 minutes.

Next, you will need to scrape as much of the caulk as possible. To do this you can use either a rounded spoon or razor blade. If you use the razor blade be very careful not to cut any of the carpet fibers.

Then, apply some more WD-40 to the affected area to remoisten the caulk that you were unable to scrape off. Again, let it sit for about 15 minutes and scraped the rest of the caulk from the carpet.

Apply a detergent solution to a sponge or a clean white cloth and blot the affected area. Work the detergent solution into the area that was sprayed with WD-40 and make sure you get all the residue of the product to prevent any hard to children or animals. You can repeat this step about 2 more times just to be sure all of the WD-40 has been removed from the carpet.

Lastly, you need to rinse the carpet, use another clean white cloth dip it in cold water and blot the area. After the rinsing has been done, use a clean dry towel and blot dry.


Can all stains come out?

Most stains will come out during the cleaning process. Some of the more difficult stains may require some special treatment to deal with them. Success at removing these difficult types of stains can be diminished by home remedies that have been applied before our technician arrives. The technicians at Apex will know the makeup of the carpet or fabric material and if the stain can be identified the outcome may be successful. If the outcome is not successful your money for the stain removal will be refunded.

What is the best method of carpet cleaning?

There are several methods. Dry-cleaning or steam cleaning and within steam cleaning, there are portable and truck mount machines. Dry cleaning does dry much faster than steam cleaning, however, carpet manufacturers strongly recommend steam cleaning because it has full extraction, unlike dry cleaning. Apex uses only the most powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment to ensure the most in-depth, deep penetrating carpet cleaning available.

Will my carpet experience shrinking?

No, the manufactures have addressed this issue – it is no longer a concern. At Apex we do an inspection step to discuss any and all issues before we begin. One common issue is the tacking strips are not secure and needing anchoring. Sometimes this can create the illusion of shrinking because when your carpeting was first installed it was stretched into place and held there by the tacking strips. When this “connection” to the tacking strip fails the carpet relaxes back to its pre-stretched form.

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