Carpet Cleaning DIY Myths That Could Damage Your Carpets

We live in a DIY world, but there are some things that should be left in the hands of a professional, such as your detailed carpet and floor cleaning. While you can handle the weekly cleaning and minor spot cleaning yourself, deep cleaning and stubborn stains should be left in the hands of experienced Phoenix Carpet cleaners. Below are 5 DIY myths that could ruin or damage your carpets.

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Bleach Will Remove A Stubborn Stain

You are likely to use bleach on everything from your laundry to your toilets. Although you may use bleach to remove stains from your clothing, you must not forget that you only use bleach on your whites, right? If you use bleach on your carpets, it may remove the stain, but is likely to leave you with an eyesore.

It’s Ok To Use A Paint Remover On Carpet

So you just painted, and even though you thought you had everything covered, there is a bit of paint on your carpet. Since paint remover removes paint, it is ok to use on carpets, right? Wrong! Just as with bleach, the paint remover may indeed remove the paint, but is likely to fade and damage your carpets. Better to leave this clean up in the hands of a pro.

Vinegar Will Clean Your Pet Accidents

Sometimes, puppies, naughty pets, or aging cats and dogs have accidents. If you have heard that spraying the soiled area with vinegar will effectively clean your carpet, then your information is incorrect. While the vinegar will neutralize the odor, it cannot remove the stain left behind.

Cleaning Red Wine With White Wine

Red wine is one of the most stubborn stains your carpet will come across. For some reason, it is believed that white wine will clean away its red counterpart, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, white wine isn’t actually “white” or “clear”, so using it to clean will only further soil your carpet.

The Bubbles In Club Soda Will Oxygenate A Stain

Club soda has long been believed to be the perfect emergency stain remover. People use it when they accidentally spill food or drink while dining out and, for some reason, use it on their carpets too. The belief is that the bubbles will oxygenate the stain away. While club soda is unlikely to damaged your carpet, it is also unlikely that it will clean or dissolve the stain.

While it is tempting to try to do it yourself, take a moment to consider how expensive replacing damaged carpeting costs after a failed cleaning attempt. Next time you have an accident or are in need of detailed carpet cleaning in Phoenix—give Apex Carpet Cleaning and Flooring Restoration a call!

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