About APEX Carpet Cleaning & Flood Restoration, L.L.C.

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Rich Sparta opened APEX in 1989 with the intent of providing professional carpet cleaners in Phoenix. He wanted to give the valley the best services at discount prices. Since opening up the company has steadily grown due to their awesome service and commitment to excellence.

APEX is known by many in the Phoenix area as a personable and professional company. All of our employees are fully IICRC certified and most have worked for APEX more than 3 years. We use only truck mounted machines in combination with a variety of the best chemicals in the marketplace today. They are considered to be the best products in our industry and we would use nothing less. We chose to provide the “Truck-Mounted” steam cleaning method, (also known as hot-water extraction). The reason we chose this precise method is because it is the only method that cleans deep down into the carpet fibers, to “cleanse” out unhealthy contaminants. This method is recommended by the world’s largest carpet manufacturers – as a matter of fact – some stain and wear warranties require your carpets to be professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis.

In addition to providing Phoenix with the best carpet cleaning services available, we also offer affordable Phoenix carpet repair and water damage restoration. There are many different ways that carpet can become damaged and worn, and we are well equipped to handle all of them. Even though we are in a desert climate with a low chance of rain or flooding, most carpet water damage occurs by other means anyway. If you have a pipe burst in your home or any other type of damage that may need repair, let us know as soon as possible. APEX is able to take care of your water damage or water extraction and make sure that your home is safe and free of contaminants. We only provide water extraction and dryout services, we do not provide rebuilding.

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