7 Tips For Treating Carpet Stains From The Carpet Cleaning Phoenix Professionals

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No matter how clean your house is, a dirty carpet will only project a poorly maintained house to your guests. The carpet in your home is prone to accidental drops and spills; sometimes things that got stuck at the bottom of your shoes on your way home may also ruin your carpet. You cannot prevent staining of your carpet but you sure can learn how to clean like a carpet cleaning Phoenix professional.

Removing Unwanted Carpet Stains and Stuck On Foods

Never rub stains

You should never rub stains because doing so cause the stain particles to sweep into the carpet fibers. The particles may cause premature breakdown of the fibers. You need to dab stains with a cleaning solution and a clean paper towel or sponge. Blotting the stain by applying small amount of pressure will soak up the stain. You need to blot from the outside of the stain inwards because blotting outward will spread the stain.

Using club soda to clean your Carpet

Club soda can effectively remove beer and wine stains from your carpet. There is a procedure for doing that. You need to blot the area where you spilled the wine, with a cloth dipped on soda. If club soda is unable to remove the stain, then you need to create a mixture of vinegar and water (1:1 ratio) and then pour it into the stains using a handheld sprayer. You need to let the mixture sit in the stained area for 15 minutes. Now use a sponge to soak up the solution along with the stain. If a part of the stain persists on your carpet then you need to repeat the procedure again and again. Once the stain is gone you need to rinse the spot where you used the mixture with warm water. You can use your hand to brush the carpet strands into their natural position. After that you can use tissue paper over the area and press them with some heavy object like your telephone directory book. Tissue paper will absorb the remaining dampness from the carpet and then you can leave the carpet to dry naturally.

Stain removal using shaving cream

Ordinary shaving cream is effective against stain. You can apply shaving cream directly over the stain and leave it for an hour. After an hour you can bolt it away with a clean cloth. You can use the water and vinegar solution to clean the cloth which was used to remove the stain from the carpet.

Removing chewing gum from your carpet

You can remove the gross, sticky chewing gum from your carpet by using ice cubes. You need to use a couple of ice cubes on top of the gum and freeze it for about a minute. Once the gum get frozen solid you need to lift it with a spoon and cut the stands of the carpet close to the gum.

Removing grease stains

You can remove grease stains by using grease removing dishwashing detergent. You can put the solution in a bottle and spray it on the stains. Then bolt it up. You need to repeat the process multiple times to remove tougher and larger stains.

Removing wax from your carpet

If you are burning candles in your house then chances is more of wax dripping onto the carpet. Once the wax gets embedded on your carpet, then it is hard to remove. You need to heat the wax to remove it. You need to use a white cloth over the wax stain and use your iron on top of it to warm it up. You can use a knife to scrape off the wax from your carpet. Never use a colored cloth because the color of the cloth may get transferred to the carpet. After that use some tissue paper over the leftover stains and iron the paper. The remaining wax gets melted and binds to the paper. Following the same procedure, you can completely remove the wax from your carpets.

Removing Blood stains

You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains from your carpets. You need to loosen up the dried blood from the carpet by using water with mild detergent. You need to scrape off as much of blood form the carpet as possible after using the solution. Then you need to apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain. Hydrogen peroxide will immediately foam when it gets in contact with blood and then you can use a cloth or a sponge to remove the stains.

Tried these helpful tips and carpet cleaning solutions without any luck of removal? Some stains are stubborn and may need a professional grade cleaner or tools. Call the Phoenix carpet cleaners at 602.252.8383 to schedule a visit from the professional cleaners at Apex Carpet Cleaning.

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