Blue Gatorade Stains

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Gatorade stains can be both tough and frustrating to eliminate. If you have a couple of little athletes running around the house, it is bound to happen sooner or later. Like most stains, it is important to eliminate a Gatorade stain as quickly as possible. This can be done with oxygen bleach cleaner while preserving the integrity of your clothing, carpet, tile grout or upholstery.

In eliminating any spill from carpet, the most operative method is to use patience and follow directions carefully. Often, consumers become convinced that a stain is permanent before the spot removal solution has had suitable time to begin elating the spill. By taking instantaneous action and cautiously following the spot removal directions listed, you can avoid permanent staining on most stain-resist treated carpet.

If you are able to get to the spill before it dries:

  • Quickly spot the spill with a dry, white, absorbent rag or plain white (no printing) paper towels. Colored or printed towels or paper towels will leave color behind.
    • Make sure to not scrub the area! Scrubbing the affected area can cause pile distortion. Pile distortion is the result of scrubbing an area of your carpet, turning the affected area into a lighter shade.
  • Continue using a dry cloth or paper towels to eliminate as much of the spill as possible. Remember to always work from the outer edges of the spill to the center to avoid scattering.
  • Introduce the oxygen bleach cleaner mentioned earlier if the stain does not disappear.

If you are unable to get to the spill before it dries:

  • Removing a Gatorade stain is fast and easy when you mix an all-natural, environmentally safe oxygen bleach and apply that solution to the stained object.
    • Remember to always test the chemical you use in a conspicuous area.
  • Begin by pre-spraying the stained area with a diluted solution of emulsifier, then
  • Agitate gently, but thoroughly, to emulsify contamination
  • Lastly, follow with hot water extraction and rinse the spot.
  • Make sure to leave the carpet as dry as possible by blotting with a dry towel.
  • If stain remains, apply an oxidizer to the discolored fibers with a trigger spray and gently agitate.
  • The stain should disappear in 1 to 8 hours depending on the severity of the spill.

Removing Blue Gatorade Stains From Fabric

Luckily, Gatorade is a water-based drink which makes it “easier” to remove from fabrics and carpet. It’s the artificial coloring that poses a cleaning challenge if spilled. With a little patience and careful instructions, your blue stain can be removed quite easily.

  • Step One: Immediately dab the stain with a dry white cloth or paper towel without colors or print, absorbing as much of the Gatorade as possible.
  • Step Two: If you don’t have a spot remover, improvise. Pretreat the area with a dab of laundry detergent. Using a half vinegar and water solution or club soda to pretreat the area works perfectly fine too. Using a clean cloth, douse the stain with either your dab of laundry detergent or other chosen spot remover combined with water.
  • Step Three: Use a clean, white, dry cloth or paper towel to dab the area, soaking up your solution. Starting at the outer edges of the stain and working inward. Continue gently agitating until the stain is removed. If the stain persists, rinse the fabric and apply ammonia to the stain. Then cover the stain with a towel and placing an iron the towel. Periodically check the fabric to see if the stain is gone.

Accidents are bound to happen. The most important thing to remember is to soak up the stain as soon as you can for the best results. If you encounter a stain that you feel you cannot remove, feel free to call us. It’s best if we can get to the stain before any at-home remedies have been attempted, therefore call us right away before your attempt if you’d rather.

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