How To Remove Stains Before Having Your Carpets Cleaned

Are you about to get your carpets cleaned, either professionally or by renting equipment to do it yourself? Every year millions of people have the carpets in their home or office cleaned. This is a vigorous, time consuming process that can take a whole day. Part of the reason it takes so much work is because there are so many stains that build up in a carpet over the years.

Did you know that you can get rid of some of these stains before you have your carpet cleaned? Not only does pre-treating your carpet help it look nicer in the interim between cleanings, but it will also make the cleaning process quick and more efficient. This is a boon if you are paying someone by the hour to clean your carpets for you.

Carpet Cleaning

Below we look at the three best ways to remove stains from your carpet before getting your carpets cleaned.

1. Vacuuming

Yes, vacuuming. This common household chore does wonders for your carpet, and helps to prevent certain stains from building up in your floors. By vacuuming once every two weeks (but ideally every week) you are preventing dust, grime, and other smelly stains from digging deep into your carpets. Even innocuous things such as dry food particles and pet hair can get underneath your carpet and create odorous stains that will bring down the whole aesthetic of your home.

2. Spot Treating

There’s almost nothing more infuriating when a human or pet knocks over something that stains the carpet. If it’s a small mess, it can be tempting to just leave it or cover it up with a piece of furniture. We highly recommend, however, that you clean it up as soon as possible. Even horrifying stains such as juice and wine can be cleaned up with spot treatment.

There are many products on the market that are great for spot treatment. Oxidizing agents can both deodorize and clean up the stain from your carpet. Don’t be despaired if a little stain is left behind. This will make it easier for the professional cleaning to take effect later on.

3. Air Out The Carpet Before Cleaning It

If you are having a low-traffic room be cleaned, take out all the furniture and open the windows in the room a few days before the cleaning is to commence. If possible, allow lots of sunshine to shine on the carpets. This will air out the floor while the sunshine helps pre-treat any mold or mildew living in your carpets. This will make the professional cleaning much more effective when it is finally done.

If it’s a high-traffic area, try clearing everything out the night before and leave some windows open. Encourage your family to take off their shoes and tread lightly while the pre-treatment is occurring.

We hope that our list of three simple ways to remove stains from your carpet has helped you prefer for your professional cleaning. Good luck, and may your carpet look brand new again! If you are looking to hire a cleaning service, check out our carpet cleaning specials and prices in Phoenix.

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