Keeping Your Carpet Clean With Pets


Bringing in a new pet to your home can be very exciting, but stressful as well. Adding a new furry family member means a new process of your daily life that might entail a lot of new odors and carpet stains. We have some tips to prepare yourself and your carpets for the accidents waiting to happen and general advice on keeping your carpet clean with pets.

Train your pet

Whether your pet is an inside or outside pet, remember that they are still an animal and need to be trained. On top of potty training, kennel training or even just giving your pet a space in your home to call their own is important so they do not go and mark their territory on your walls and carpets. If your pet needs more than just housebreaking, pet training schools are great options for them to learn and socialize with other pets.

Potty train your pet

Potty training your pet to go outside might be the hardest part of getting a new furry friend. The top rule in keeping your carpet clean with pets is to start housebreaking your pet the moment you introduce them to their new space. This means that they are more likely to understand that going to the bathroom wherever they choose is not an option. Puppy training pads and even rewarding pets with treats for going outside are some ways that you can potty train them yourself. There are many blogs to showcase DIY pet training.

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet cleaning supplies, especially odor blocking brands, are a must have when training a new pet. When spot cleaning isn’t enough call the experts at Apex and we can make your carpets look like new in no time.

Stain removal might be one thing that happens when keeping your carpet clean with pets, but pet dander and other little things in your pet’s coat could be affecting the look and feel of not just your carpet, but your home. Vacuuming at least twice a week can prevent allergies from developing and not let your pet get used to rubbing themselves all over your floors.

Preventing pet stains

Keeping your carpet clean with pets will take time, so preventative measures are always good to take to keep your home beautiful. Apex will apply upholstery protection like Scotch Guard or DuPont and we highly recommend it. In many cases upholstery gets more wear and tear than carpeting, especially with smaller pets who like to lounge on the furniture. Keeping your pets away from your upholstery can be another step in their training, along with your unique, handcrafted oriental rugs. We have the latest equipment at our disposal to provide a safe and quality rug cleaning.

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