Phoenix Carpet Cleaners Discuss Carpet Design Options

Table on Carpet

Carpets can be interior decor enhancements or even focal points of rooms. In lieu of the outdated basic colors and patterns, designers are finding stylish carpets varying in textures, patterns, and colors. Here are just a few of the ways carpet can bring style and design to home decor.

Carpet Types

Most carpets fall into two categories, cut pile and loop pile, each of which offer a number of different styles. Cut pile carpet is sheared, leaving the ends of the carpet fiber exposed. Loop carpets are not sheared and come in a variety of weights and thickness.

Cut and Loop

Cut Pile Carpet Styles

Plush, textured, saxony, frieze, and cable are all cut pile carpeting styles. Plush styles are smooth, even, and formal looking as are the slightly longer fibers of saxony. Textured have uneven heights and look informal, making them great for high traffic areas. Frieze also work well for high traffic areas with longer fibers and more twists.


All cut pile carpets can be cleaned using a suction only vacuum cleaner, removing dirt/debris to prevent matting and packing. It is also recommended to steam clean the carpet once a year with professional Phoenix carpet cleaners.

Loop Pile Carpet Styles

Level loop, patterned multi-level loop, and cut and loop are the main divisions of loop pile carpets. All are durable and work well as the “all-purpose” carpet. Patterned multi-level loop is great for decorating as the varying heights create textures or patterns. Level loop, or Berber, carpet is great for high traffic areas and is great for hiding dirt because of its flecked fibers. Cut and loop is mixture of the two. Loop pile carpets can be more difficult to clean than cut pile, but they tend to be more durable.


Material Quality

Fiber type, construction, weight, density, and twist all help determine the quality of carpet. Generally, the denser the carpet the better quality it is. Nylon is highly durable and popular because of its resistance to wear and tear. Olefin isn’t as strong as nylon, but is less likely to fade. Polyester is cost-effective, but not as resilient as the aforementioned materials. Wool, the most expensive carpeting type, is soft and stain/dirt resistant, but fades in direct sunlight.

Contacting carpet cleaning in Phoenix can add years to your carpet; it is recommended to have your carpets cleaned annually to increase their lifespan.

Color and Patterns

Regardless of white type, construction, or fiber carpet you choose, color and patterns are available to meet any decorating needs you may have. Light colors make rooms feel larger, but are more difficult to keep clean than darker or multi-color carpets.

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