Removing Crayon Stains from Carpet

Carpet Stains
Getting Crayon stains out of your carpet is not impossible, just know that by working patiently and being careful with any of these methods you can increase the chance of being able to remove the stains, it will just require a little bit of work. The first step you want take when getting crayon stains out of your carpet is to identify the material. Crayon Carpet StainStart by scraping as much of it as you can by using a scraping tool. When scraping make sure you don’t smash the solids deeper into the carpet.

Proceed by using a dry cleaning solvent and an absorbent rag, blot out as much as you can. Remember to first test out the solvent in an inconspicuous area to ensure that there will be no damage to your carpet. When you can no longer remove anymore of the stain using the first step begin using a 2 to 1 solution of water and alcohol.

These steps can be taken if the stain was on any of these types of materials; Acetate, Burlap, fiberglass, Rayon, Rope, Silk, Triacetate, and Wool/non-washable.For Non-washable fibers, to remove some excess matter, scrape gently using a scraping tool. By placing an absorbent pad under the stain wash out using a dry cleaning solvent. Give it time to dry, and repeat as necessary.

For Spandex, Acrylic Fabric, Nylon, Cotton, Wool/washable , Linen, Modacrylic, Olefin, and Polyester, begin by scraping most of the stain. Then, place white blotting paper on the stain and press with warm iron. Make sure to be very careful when pressing iron the stain can easily spread. When you notice that the stain is being absorbed, change the paper. If the material if white cotton or linen, pour boiling water on stain. Allow to dry when using either one of these methods. When it has dried check for any traces, if there are traces use a dry cleaning solvent to remove them. Lastly, rinse well with water and allow to dry.

Scraping Crayons
Another easy method you can try is applying a dry cleaning solvent to the stain on carpet. Next, agitate gently until the crayon dissolves into gel. lastly, Proceed by doing a hot water extraction to rinse area.

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