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The carpet in your home reflects a great deal about your commitment to home maintenance and appearance. It is one of the first things that guests see when they enter it. Stains and other unsightly damage give others a negative impression of your house. If you have these problems with your carpets, you need to utilize the steam cleaning services from a professional company like Apex.

Spilled Wine on Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Company – Apex

This company has spent decades of dedicated service to homes and businesses in the Phoenix area, earning them a reputation for helping to make carpets beautiful. Whether your carpet has stains from food and traffic or has suffered water damage, the trained professionals can help you. If you have flooded carpets, the cleaning services offered will remove the excess water and keep stains from forming. In addition, you will no longer need to worry about mold or mildew growing under the carpet where it may be undetected for many months.

Phoenix Carpet Stain Removal

There are several types of stains that their steam cleaning services can remove from your carpets. While coffee, wine and Kool-Aid are among the most common food items that homeowners have difficulty cleaning themselves, these are not the only items that cause unsightly damage to carpets. When an accident happens and someone has bled or vomited on the carpet, it can be virtually impossible to remove with spot cleaners. The technicians employed by Apex know how to deal with these and other bodily fluids, such as urine.

In addition, they are trained to handle stains caused by greasy substances such as cooking and car oils. Tar is another item which they can remove from your carpets while maintaining the integrity of your carpeting. You should avoid treating these items on your own, as you are likely to worsen the problem.

Carpet Pet Stain Removal in Phoenix

Not only can pets leave stains from waste materials on carpeting, these often have a bad odor that accompanies them. Even if you do not have an animal, the previous resident may have had a cat or dog that damaged the carpet in this manner. You need to have the carpets steam cleaned for appearance and your health. Breathing in the odors from pet waste can harm your lungs.

When you hire Apex, you can rest assured that every employee has been through a complete background test. The company also drug tests all employees. This helps to ensure you and your belongings are safe. The services are available every day of the week so that your schedule can be accommodated. All of this reflects the high level of dedication the company has to customer satisfaction. Additionally, all work is 100% guaranteed.

If you have unsightly stains or odors in your carpet, you need to have it steam cleaned. Your home will look and feel more comfortable. When you utilize the steam cleaning services offered by Apex, you know that you are receiving the highest quality treatment possible. There are even emergency services available so that you do not have to live with the damage any longer than necessary. You can learn more about Apex Carpet Cleaning and some of the services we offer by visiting

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