Tar (Roofing)

Tar is one of the most difficult stains to remove from carpets, but before you give up and decide to replace your carpet, here are a few methods you can try to tackle this kind of carpet stain. Because it is somewhat difficult to remove this stain, if you do not feel comfortable taking care of this on your own, contact a professional carpet cleaner for any advice. Also, always remember to test any solutions used on your carpet in an inconspicuous area to avoid any damage to your carpet.

Once you have discovered the tar stain begin by blotting the area with a clean white towel and solvent. Next, remove any remaining particles by vacuuming the area. Mix 1/4th of liquid dish detergent and warm water. Apply the solution to the affected area by working your way in from the outer edges of the stain to the center. This prevents the stain from spreading. Then, rinse the area with cold water and blot with a white towel to soak up the moisture in the carpet. You must repeat the first few steps until the stain has been removed. Once you have successfully removed the tar stain from your carpet, apply a dry paper towel on the wet carpet and weigh down, leave overnight for it to dry, and then vacuum.
If the first method you tried was unsuccessful, try moistening the affected area with hydrogen peroxide and allow dwell time of about a minute or two. Then, blot the area with a clean white cloth to absorb any of the remaining stain. Lastly, apply a few paper towels, weigh them down, and leave overnight.

One more method you can try is to begin by applying a solvent to the affected fibers and gently agitate using a brush. Apply some ore of the solvent and agitate gently. Then, use a hot water extraction rinse. If the stain remains you will need to re-apply the solution. Next, cover the affected area with a clean white towel. You then need to apply steam heat by using an iron set at mid-range temperature for 30 seconds. Then, you must blot the area with another clean white towel, and then apply some more solution to the stain. Use gloves to gently agitate the solvent into the stain. This will allow the remaining tar residual to emulsify. Lastly, use hot water extraction to rinse the area.

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