Stain Removal Tips from APEX Carpet Cleaning

APEX Carpet Cleaning has been an expert in their field for over 19 years! Continue reading below to read some pro-tips on how to remove stains from carpet and other flooring materials. Call or contact us to learn more.

Removing Latex Paint From Carpet

It’s hard to avoid an accident when there are kids around, and sometimes we make mistakes ourselves, but we love to paint and sometimes things... Read More

Blue Gatorade Stains

Gatorade stains can be both tough and frustrating to eliminate. If you have a couple of little athletes running around the house, it is bound... Read More

Removing Adhesive Residue on Carpet

An adhesive is a chemical, typically liquid or semi-liquid, that adheres or bonds items together. Adhesives come from either natural or synthetic sources; glue on... Read More

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